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"I am not a believer in Christ myself, but I love being a part of Voyage. I am learning more about what it means to be a follower of Christ because of the intellectual, real, and patient way you communicate what you believe."

"Voyage has become a second family to me. This is important because my husband is deployed half the year. I don't feel depressed and alone anymore. I have a place I can go learn about God without feeling like I have to cover my tattoos and try to fit in."

"I love the feeling of being welcomed no matter what the type of clothes a person wears or how they look, and the love I feel when we are gathered together. But, most important to me is that the ONLY things we are taught are strictly from the Bible."

"My family loves Voyage because it allows us to worship in a warm, inviting environment where everyone is accepted for their uniqueness and individuality. Learning from the Bible was a prerequisite in searching for our church home, and at Voyage we found that home. Voyage provides bible-based learning with a true foundation. Great, live worship music adds ever-so-much more to our worship experience. We feel blessed that we found Voyage! Thank you, Jerry and family."

"I have become a follower of Christ after coming to Voyage for awhile now and I'm very excited to be growing in knowledge of how to live my life for God."

"I love Voyage! The atmosphere is warm, inviting and accepting, just like the people who go there. It's a place to learn and explore free of judgment and it's all 100% natural from the Bible, no additives or preservatives!"

"People at Voyage are awesome. We love the diversity of the people, the intellectual curiosity, the spiritual growth and excitement for what God is doing, the connections that people are forming with each other, the enthusiasm for helping others on Impact Sunday, the willingness of people to pitch in and be a part -- so many cool things happening! God rocks."

"I like that we study right from the Bible. I never really studied the Bible before. I know that I am hearing God's word at our church and I love reading it with my own eyes. Thank you for helping me learn how to read my Bible and how to understand it and apply it to my life!"

"I missed a few weeks of church services and got out of the habit. I really saw a difference in my life in not good ways so I'm happy to be back and growing again."

"I always thought that I had a relationship with God , my Father in heaven. After coming to Voyage, listening to what the Pastor had to say and how he delivers our messages each Sunday, I realized I was so far from having a actual relationship with our Father in heaven. Voyage is changing the way I act, feel and think. Anyone can understand the messages each Sunday. Sentence by sentence and what it really means to know the Father and his Son, our savior, Jesus."

"I've been going to church services, Sunday school, and vacation Bible school since I was an infant. All of this meant nothing when I got to Voyage. In other churches they repeat the same lessons year in and year out. Voyage gets you deep into God's word and gives you a real understanding of what it means to be a Christ follower. While at Voyage my knowledge about God and Jesus has grown, and with knowledge I have been able to get closer to God than ever before. Through my friends at Voyage and God's word I hope to continue to grow!"

"In 2010 our family came to church more regularly and experienced authentic fellowship, and even joyful giving. Voyage has offered us a genuinely positive place to learn God's truth and give back to the community..."

"It's funny to think back to when Voyage first started, and how much we've both grown. My life definitely wouldn't have run the same course if I hadn't met Pastor Jerry at a fair one day. He commented on my fohawk ("Cool hair!") and gave me a flyer for their start-up BBQ. I met some great people, then moved away for a year, yet in the end came back. If Jerry hadn't reached out to me that day, my life would not be the same. Many of my favorite memories involve Voyage and Pastor Jerry in some way: the Twilight marathons, being baptized with my boyfriend, the ugly sweater fashion show, my fiance proposing to me in front of the Voyage family, Financial Peace University, and Pastor Jerry marrying me and my husband. We love Voyage and hope to create many more wonderful memories over the years!"

"It was difficult to move to Washington, leaving our old church with our friends and family behind. But luckily we were put in contact with Jerry and his family and we instantly knew Voyage would be a perfect place to grow spiritually and to serve God."

"In 2010 I just started to get closer to God again, thanks to my brother getting me into it and telling me about how this awesome church worked. I've been learning more about the Word and how to get closer to God. I've learned a lot, but I know I still have a lot of room to grow. And I'm looking forward to it!"

"I grew in my relationship with the Lord, my wife, and children. I saw the light in 2010 -- changed my habits to a more positive way. Thank you God!"

"2010 was a great year for my spiritual growth. An important step was getting involved with this church and like minded people. I found myself more aware of my surroundings and my responses to people. It has also pointed out my shortcomings but I am so ready to confront and defeat them."

"Recently I moved to a new state, Washington, and discovered Voyage. I feel this church and the people can help me become closer to God and help change the direction of my life for the better."

"In the beginning of the year I wasn't going to church but felt like I needed to. So I found a church in Port Orchard. It was an OK church but I still felt like I was missing something. Then Eron brought me to Voyage in July and ever since then I've been feeling closer and closer to God. I've been to churches before but have never learned as much as I have since Voyage. Now I can't wait for church every Sunday! Thank you so much Jerry and my Voyage family!"

"Today I sat and listened to advice from Jerry that has pretty much been what I was waiting to hear for the last 5 was a great day. God bless Voyage. It's saving my life, I never thought I would feel peace but I have now."

"I've been coming for just a few months now and I've learned more about God in that time than I have in any other church. The people are so great and I felt like I belonged here right away."

"I am still struggling in my faith, struggling with anxiety and depression, but I am starting to trust that God loves me in spite of these feelings. I am excited to grow closer to God."

"Thank you Jerry and your family for your great example through worship on Sundays and the outside church events. Your marriage is a great inspiration to my wife and I. I feel that participating in Voyage is the best part of the week...Thank you again for a great year with and in Voyage!"

"LOVE VOYAGE. What a life changing experience it has been for me since I've started going. We are soo lucky to have a church like this here!"

"VOYAGE ROCKS!!!! This community is about to grow has to...I have been going to Voyage for a couple months now and have to say it is the best church I've been to. Love it...keep up the great work you guys."